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Thursday, February 17, 2011

sleep problem

salam semua..
hari ni nak cerita pasal tidur...sudah masuk minggu kedua susah nak tidur...haish,i dont know where it went wrong...and yang palig teruk is yesterday...when i cant sleep at all...boleh je tidur,tapi sangat2 lewat...around 4-5am...ish,come on la...i have survey practical at 8am..cant be late aways kan...kesian groupmate,aku gagahkan juga diri..and i make it through the morning...though,i used the concealer to hide my panda eyes..hoho...tapi,kalau tak tidur ni,memang badan rasa tak sedap,something wrong ni,otak pun lembap...thanks god its a practical class..kalau teori class,i dont think i can focus that much...nasib baik kelas petang semua cancel..ingat nak tidur...tapi ada pula hal nak kena urus kat pejabat tu..while masa rehat,aku pun berehat kat bilik mpp,and fell asleep from 1.30pm till 3.00pm..itu pun sebab i have to woke up..ok,whole evening,banyak berbincang dengan orang...and then went home...

sedapnya tidur...i want to sleep...

 kat bilik pula,i try to stay awake...because i have a meeting on 10pm pula...during that time,i fell asleep several times ni...and at 10pm,i decided i just cant make it to the too tired..aku pun pergila cuci muka and getting ready to sleep..makan ubat tidurla...aku baring atas katil...and guess what..its hard to fell asleep..eventough badan semua penat..about 1hour,lie down n messaging with si pakcik barulah pun baru bangun tadi,around 11am..okla tu,tidur untuk 2hari...haha...tapi kan,aku tidur ni tak rasa la nikmat tidur..rasa kosong...aku pun tak tau kenapa...sekarang baru aku tau,betapa nikmatnya tidur,i'm trying to investigate,why i'm facing this sleeping problem..there are some articles i found on the internet..thanks to mr. google...kita try quiz dulu la...sesiapa yang nak jawab juga kuiz ni,bolehlah try...aku suka kuiz2 ni...kecuali kuiz kat dalam kelas tu la...haha..=P

Sleep Disorders Quiz

If you answer yes to any of the following questions about sleep disorder, you may be dealing with insomnia or another type of sleep problem. Consult your doctor. This is taken from here.
  1. Do you snore loudly and/or heavily while asleep?
    Yes or No, i dont  snore...                        
  2. Are you excessively sleepy or do you lack energy in the daytime?
    Yes,recently,mengantuk gila di kelas and tak ada energy..that's why the other day doctor bagi ubat tenaga... or No
  3. Do you have trouble with concentration or memory loss?
    Yes or No,setakat ini ok lagilah...aku ingat lagi nama aku semua...haha..
  4. Do you fall asleep while driving, in meetings, while reading a book, or while watching television?
    Yes or No,tak ada la,lagi buat mata aku ni terang adalah...
  5. Do you have occasional morning headaches?
    Yes,recently..bagun2 je sakit kepala.. or No
  6. Do you sleepwalk, have nightmares, or have night terrors?
    Yes or No,i dont sleepwalk,have nightmares tu pernahlah,siapalah yang tak pernah..night terrors?pernah but occasionally not recently..
  7. Do you suffer from depression or mood changes?
    Yes,agak tension kebelakangan ini..ada satu hari tu,aku keluar petang2,tengok pokok,tengok langit lama2...that,s mean aku tengah tension..mood changes?no..tak suka moody2 ni walaupun hati tengah gundah gulana... or No
  8. Do you have trouble going to sleep or staying asleep?
    Yes,have trouble going to sleep... or No
  9. Have you experienced recent weight gain or high blood pressure?
    Yes or No,weight gain?tak tahu la,tak timbang pula recently...haha...high blood pressure,tak kot...the other day pergi menderma darah,ok je...kalau ada high blood pressure tak boleh derma darah tau...
  10. Have you been told you hold your breath when you sleep?
    Yes or No,i guess...macam mana nak hold breath tengah tidur?tak faham aku...
 hmm...4 out of 10 are yes...aku ada masalah tidur la...nanti aku sambung ek...have to get ready for class...
bye!hope u enjoy this entry & thanks for reading...=)


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