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hello peeps!
at last i manage to log in into blogger.. the other day i failed to do so.. i try like million times but still failed.. damn.. but lastly, i know why i cant do so... because the date on my laptop is in year 2006.. epic right.. its already near 2012 for god sake... dont know what seems to be my laptop problem.. the date always change back to 2006.. so i have to change it always if i need to online thingy such as buying or paying things.. sorry, kind of neglecting my blog for weeks.. been quite busy with tests and assignments... okay, forget about that... suddenly at nearly 5am i got idea on what to wrote here.. so here it is...

have you ever use one of these?sunblock or sunscreen? ever wonder what the difference... me too.. had use both... but never knew what the difference... look at the name,you already know that should be different kan... so lets check it out.. 

from the name, sunblock will reflect sun's rays. Thereby, blocking them completely from reaching your skin. It acts as a wall between your skin and the sun. The common common ingredient in sunblocks are zinc oxide and titanium oxide which are highly effective in protecting against both UVA and UVB rays, the type of UV radiation that cause sunburn. Sunblock often appear white on the skin.

well, its name show what it does. unlike sunblock, sunscreen absorb the sun's rays but will screen and reflect the harmful UV rays from the skin. it also helps protect against UVA and UVB rays. thus, prevent sunburn. but sunscreen usually less visible on the skin.

so, which one is your choice? personally, i dont know as well... but i have been using the aiken daily sunscreen face and body lotion for several years..it is non greasy and comfortable to apply on skin... the price pun is quite cheap for sunblock and sunscreen which is around rm12.90 for 150ml.. and also economical because can be used in both face and body... some sunscreen is either for face only or for body only...  i didnt use it often, only on special occasion if i'm going to be involved in activities under the sun or at the beach. if not i'll end up with sunburn on my face and my hand..actually i bought this years ago for my 'kawad' which is compulsory during my diploma and i'm going through it for 3 semesters... 

now, i used it if i had outdoor activites such as kayaking the other day.. but you know what? during the kayaking, the funny thing is i use it on my face only and forgot to use it on my hand.. i just remember to do so when i reached the lake already and i didnt bring it along with me.. how pathetic.. so, that night while taking shower, i noticed my hand is burnt a little bit...haha... what to do?already past kan..

as for daily care like going for class and shopping, i only apply on face powder where most of it already have sun protection which is spf and i'm good to go... how about you? what product that you use? maybe you can share it here.. 

thats all for now...
thanks for reading...
till then,
have a nice day!
see you in next post.. =)


dylli said…
weh samaaaaaaaaa! laptop aku, everyday tukar tarikh. kadang2, 1989 pun oernah weh! 2034 pun pernah. T____T
1989?laptop kau kluar zaman tu ka?
aku rasa laptop aku ni asyik thn 2006 sbb dia kluar thn tu la..

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